Room2F (Upper Thomson)


Room2F is a bright and spacious living room tucked away on the second floor of a shophouse in Upper Thomson.

It is a free and easy space where you can read, work, study, play some games or just sit down for a coffee.

All for just 10 cents a minute*

In our pantry, we have local roasted coffee, a selection of teas, cordials, cereal drinks and snacks that you can help yourself to.

In the living room space, there are shelves filled with more than 400 magazines, books and comics from around the world for you to read and be inspired by

We have board games, card games, puzzles like Sudoku, Word Search and even colouring materials, that you can choose from.

There are also retro video game machines for you to challenge your friends to.

We have lots of comfortable seating for you to relax, or if you want to work, there is wifi and plenty of power sockets located around the space.

We welcome you to make yourself at home and to use the space to your needs. All we ask for, is for you to respect the people sharing the space.

* 10 cents a minute
* Minimum 1st hour $6
* Maximum $18^/ day (^introductory promo)

Breakout Area
Coffee & Tea
Drinking Water
Internet (WIFI)


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246S Upper Thomson Road, S574370