Top 3 Myths About Coworking You Need To Know About

Still a relatively new concept in Singapore, here are some myths about coworking that you may have came across:


Myth 1: Coworking is only for the self-employed

Not just a place for entrepreneurs and freelancers, coworking spaces around the world have seen big brands move into their spaces too. As the Financial Times have reported, large companies GE’s clean energy start-up Current, Silicon Valley Bank, Cognizant and Merck are known to work out of WeWork, a global coworking chain.


Myth 2: A coworking space is just another office

Well, yes and no. Coworking spaces are workspaces and they typically do have private offices or team suites available as well, but unlike regular offices, coworking is about community, collaboration and a lot more.

Most coworking spaces also boast a wide range of events, from networking opportunities to informative workshops to leisure events. (If you don’t want to miss out on the latest happenings, sign up for our event roundup newsletter here!)



Myth 3: Coworking is distracting

Working alongside strangers or people from other companies may not be the most common way to work, but it is far from unproductive. The Huffington Post reported that a research found that coworkers reported being able to focus better, suggesting that working at coworking spaces may help workers become more efficient.

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Intrigued? Browse our list of spaces and try a coworking space out for yourself!