SiTF’s Startup & Innovation Evangelist Talks Breakfast at Timbre+, Startup Events & More

Based at one-north’s LaunchPad, Shi Hui is the Startup & Innovation Evangelist at Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). We hear her thoughts about working at a coworking space in the buzzing one-north area, which is thriving with startup activity.

Shi Hui starts her day “with a hearty breakfast from Timbre+ while checking my inbox”, a little perk of working right beside the hip gastro-park. Her go-to pick? A simple pack of beehoon and egg, along with a cup of teh Tarik.

Mornings are usually quiet, she says, as the space is usually empty in the morning, with startups tending to work late the night before. “You bet they will be the last to leave,” she says, revealing their impressive work ethic.

“We understand that startups typically work long crazy hours and so our co-working space is biometrically secured with 24 hrs access granted to our startups. Our co-working space is not publicly opened and that gives our startups a sense of security and peace.”

Shi Hui has got quite a lot to do herself. “On a daily basis, I will reach out to newly set-up tech startups who might need assistance in growing their business… my job includes organising events, processing SiTF’s iJAM startup claims, engaging our existing startup members and meeting new collaboration partners.”

90% of the startups at SiTF are local tech startups. Shi Hui says, “Majority of them are young startups who are raising seed funding. We have startups in verticals such as the on-demand, marketplace and electric design. On average, the employee size of the startup is between 2-4.”

To help these young startups grow, SiTF organises a variety of events, talks and exhibitions. These include the SiTF bi-annual Meet-the-Members Session; as well as Startup Talks on topics such as breaking into the Chinese market, Silicon Valley market and IP matters. In addition, Shi Hui says that startups are always welcome network over lunch or dinner at their coworking space.

Taking up 3 units at Blk 79 LaunchPad@one-north level 2, the entire space is divided in such a way that 1/3 is converted into co-working space, while the remaining 2/3 are SiTF secretariats’ office and meeting rooms.

“My favourite feature will be the sound-proof private telephone booth, perfect for anyone who needs to make a closed-door call,” Shi Hui discloses.

Apart from the space at SiTF, the entire one north area is a “great place to hangout”, she says. “This is where one can experience deeply a cohesive community with a strong collaborative spirit…There are so many events going on every single day, you are sure to meet like-minded peers at networking sessions.”

With an array of events and a variety of startups and entrepreneurs interacting with each other on a daily basis, we think the innovative community at one-north is set to grow. As the slogan on Blk 79 says, “the future starts here”.


Images provided by Shi Hui.


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