Many might know of the Hive as local influencer Jemimah Wei’s Instagram-worthy office space, but there’s more to this lively coworking space than that. We speak to the Hive’s Location Manager, Yun, for the inside scoop.

A co-working space that came to life when a corporate innovator and a serial tech entrepreneur collided, Collision 8 holds true to its roots by believing in the power of collisions to trigger new ideas and opportunities.

There’s more food to check out around The Hub @ Prinsep than you thought! Here are some cafes around the Prinsep and Selegie area that you might not have known of, all within walking distance of The Hub, of course.

First off, what is coworking? Coworking is where people work in a shared space– a coworking space– along with other self-employed individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, and startups.