A Review of Coworking Booking Platforms


What is coworking? This trend of working in a shared space, along with other self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs and startups, has been gaining traction in Singapore. Apart from providing individuals the freedom to work from where they choose, coworking also gives people the chance to meet a community of like-minded people in the space that they work in.

In the past 2 years, over 20 coworking space providers have emerged in Singapore. Coworking spaces are a godsend to businesses looking to cut rental costs, and those with flexible working arrangements. With so many coworking spaces to choose from, you can be productive from wherever you are!

The coworking landscape has seen an increase in the number of coworking booking platforms. Currently, there are 8 coworking booking platforms: Workwander, ShareDesk, FlySpaces, Flezio, Clockwork, Loop Space, Copass and Gorilla Space.

Which booking platform would work best for you? Here’s some useful information to help you make your decision.


For The App Junkies: Workwander & Loop Space

App junkies rejoice! With the Workwander and Loop Space applications, you can book your next working space straight from your phone.

Loop Space’s app is the newer player in this field, offering an affordable monthly membership at just US$30 (around S$46) per month, which gives you access to coworking spaces across the globe, where you can meet and collaborate with others.

Workwander’s app has been around for slightly longer, providing users with the ease of booking and instant confirmation– perfect for making those last-minute bookings! Workwander allows you to book coworking spaces, meeting rooms and even cafes to work from. (We’ll get to the cafe part in a bit.) Prices start from S$8 per hour for hot desking.

In addition, Workwander provides space partners with the option of using their backend portal to manage customer bookings and track earnings. The startup is also has a local team, ready to provide real-time support.


For The Café-Lovers: Workwander

Fancy having some Instagram-worthy eggs benedict when you are working? The Workwander app lets you do just that. Through their app, you can reserve your spot at various cafes to work from, with dedicated seats, access to free Wi-Fi, power points and F&B perks.

Say goodbye to wandering around to find a cafe with empty seat, or having to dig up reviews of a cafe to decide whether it would be conducive working spot. Those who love working at cafes for their laid-back vibe would probably find the Workwander app a must-have on your phone!


For Globetrotting Nomads: ShareDesk, FlySpaces, Copass & Loop Space

ShareDesk, FlySpaces, Copass, and the aforementioned Loop Space are great for business travellers. These booking platforms boast an impressive number of coworking spaces in major cities all over the world.

In Singapore, FlySpaces has one of the largest number of coworking space partners island wide, making it easy for users to book a suitable space wherever they are at. In terms of space options, ShareDesk comes in a close second. Spaces start from S$13 per day through FlySpaces and S$30 per day at ShareDesk.

Our only gripe about ShareDesk and FlySpaces is that they lack an app that can provide instant confirmation for bookings. While this does take a few points off our book due to the slight lack of convenience, both platforms have great customer service options– ShareDesk has a 24/7 support team while FlySpaces has a local hotline and live customer support.

Next, Copass offers attractive membership plans, ranging from pay-per-use schemes to €199 (around S$300) per month for a part-time plan. Copass also makes it easier for globetrotters to live near their preferred coworking spaces with its co-live partnerships with Airbnb and Couchsurfing. This is a nifty feature we absolutely love!


For After-Work Excitement: Clockwork

One of the newest kids on the block, Clockwork gains brownie points for their unique concept. Their space partners are F&B and other business masquerading as a coworking spots by day, and opening up for business at dusk.

Working at one of their spaces means that when the clock strikes 5, you’ll get to access perks such as F&B, happy hour specials and even indie movie screenings at The Projector. Clockwork is definitely one to check out if you love after-work activities!

Clockwork is based on a S$150 monthly subscription, with an option for a day pass(S$30). Members get unlimited drop ins and usage, with no bookings required. One word of caution though, it operates on a first come first serve basis. Late risers, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Currently, Clockwork only has one confirmed space partner, which is The Projector, located at Golden Mile Tower (Not Complex!). But fret not, the team is expanding and as indicated on their website, they’ll be adding more locations soon.   


Rising Stars: Flezio & Gorilla Space

For new entrants, both Flezio and Gorilla Space have a substantial number of space partners. The latter even has partners at the less common locations at the East (Changi) and West (Jurong East) of Singapore.  

In particular, Gorilla Space’s use of videos and 360 images to showcase the coworking spaces on their website is helpful for those who are looking to get a feel of the space before getting there.

Hot desks start from S$30 per day through Gorilla Space, while Flezio operates on a membership plan, starting from S$450 per month.

Further details on these two coworking booking platforms are scarce at the moment, but Flezio’s website indicates that the team is looking to expand into the regional market, beginning with Indonesia and Thailand.


Which Should I Choose?

A quick overview: Workwander and Loop Space provide hassle-free booking from your phone; FlyDesk, ShareDesk, Copass and Loop Space lets globetrotters work from various cities; Clockwork offers post-work entertainment; and Flezio and Gorilla Space are new players to the scene that you can give a go.

Hopefully, this has helped you choose your next workspace. Happy coworking!