Coworking Landscape in Singapore [Infographic]




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With an increasing number of coworking spaces in Singapore, here’s what you need to know about Singapore’s coworking landscape.

Why coworking?

–Making connections:

Coworking spaces are useful for networking and meeting like-minded people. For companies, startups and freelancers, this also results in more opportunities for collaborations. Which, in turn, has a positive impact on business success.

–Flexible working:

Flexi and mobile workers may choose to work from coworking spaces, as they provide the freedom of working at a location of their choice, without the isolation of working at home.

Spaces & Operators

As of April 2017, we have identified 86 coworking spaces in Singapore. Of the 86, there are 48 coworking spaces in the city area.

In addition, there are currently 51 operators islandwide, the largest being Regus.


Pricing Differences

Membership ranges from S$500-750 a month for centrally located coworking spaces. On the other hand, spaces outside of the city have membership plans ranging from S$350-400 a month.