Who We Are

We create a directory of workspaces in Singapore for freelancers, companies, startups and all the working nomads, so that you have a hassle-free resource from which to find conducive and inspiring workspaces.


Our Mission

We aim to create a comprehensive directory of workplaces in Singapore, so that you can easily find an inspiring space to create, connect, and work on your craft.


Our Vision

Following the rise of the sharing economy, we believe that flexibility and collaboration will disrupt the traditional way we work. This paves the way for coworking, forging an active community of forward-thinking companies, innovative startups, and self-employed freelancers, who can innovate and grow together.


With coworking gaining traction, we envision a world where businesses no longer operate within their own insular sphere. The future of work is fluid, as we move towards greater freedom and mobility. Disrupting the conventional work culture in Singapore, however, takes a collective effort. Join us to make coworking the new norm.